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...Masterclock Generators : MCR5000


MCR5000 Precison time and Frequency reference system

MCR5000 Precison Time and Frequency reference system MCR5000 Percision Time and Frequency reference system rear

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The MCR5000 Masterclock® Reference system is a 1U rackmount, precision time and frequency generator for a wide range of applications in the commercial, industrial, military and laboratory environment.

One compact unit can generate and read NTP, time code, and provides a 10 MHz sinewave all locked to the Atomic Clocks in the GPS satellites. Hold over accuracy and stability is maintained with a high stability oven controlled oscillator.

With specifications that are equal or better than almost any other similar product the MCR5000 is up to 60% less expensive than competitive units.

The MCR 5000 is available in multiple configurations to fit almost any need with configurable plug-in modules. Give our sales department a call and discover how easy it is to configure a system to fit your requirements.


GPS Referenced
  • Time Code Generator
  • NTP Server
  • 10 MHz Sinewave
  • PPS
  • Scheduled relay closure
  • PPO - Programmable Pulse Output

NTP Referenced
  • Time Code Generator
  • 10 MHz
  • PPS
  • Scheduled relay closure
  • PPO - Programmable Pulse Output

Time Code Referenced
  • NTP
  • Time Code Generator
  • 10 MHz
  • PPS
  • Scheduled relay closure
  • PPO - Programmable Pulse Output

High Stability Oscillator Referenced
  • NTP
  • Time Code Generator
  • 10 MHz
  • PPS
  • Scheduled relay closure
  • PPO - Programmable Pulse Output

Programmable Relay

Display Time / Date - Day of Year


Reference Sources
  • NTP client via 10/100 MB Ethernet
  • Stable TCXO oscillator
    +/- 1 Min / year
  • Manual time set

  • PPS
  • Programmable relay closure

Setup & Configuration Software
  • WinDiscovery network
  • Telnet software for UNIX/LINUX
  • MCRSET Windows

Programmable Relay
  • Schedule 1 event per day
    relay closure
    with N/O relay contact,
    24V - AC/DC (250 ma max)


Reference Sources
  • GPS
  • Ultra stable oscillator +/- 250 ms
    (1/4 sec.) year
  • Time code basic
    - IRIG B and SMPTE / EBU
  • Time code advanced - IRIG A and E

  • NTP - server via 10/100 MB Ethernet
  • Time code basic - IRIG B and SMPTE / EBU
  • Time code advanced - IRIG A and E
  • NMEA 0183 via RS232 & USB
  • PPS and PPO Pulse output
  • 10MHz high stability sine wave
  • DB9 - Breakout Adapter

2 6-Digit Red LED Displays for time and date.

Basic Relay Scheduler
- Multiple events per day software


  • RJ45 Ethernet connection
  • PPS - BNC-F
  • DB9-M I/O
  • USB-B I/O
  • RS232 NMEA I/O
  • BNC-9 adapter supplied with time code options *
  • Antenna - SMA-F *
  • 10 MHz - BNC-F *

* Optional


  • N/O contacts, 24V AC/DC, 250 ma max rating


  • Size - 19 x 9 x 1.75 (inches) - 48.3 x 22.9 x 4.5 (cm)
  • Weight - varries
  • Cover - Black Rack Mount,1U,
    with removable mounting ears
  • IP Rating = IP40


  • 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, < 10 W Power UL & CE listed
  • IEC Power Input Connector
  • Supplied with US, Euro-plug, British or AUS/NZ - others optionally available


WinDiscovery: NTD Windows® device discovery and control program.

Play Movie allows the playing of the longer video inside the other windiscovery video pdfScreen shots WinDiscovery Product Page

NTD telnet device control program... pdf Screen shots

  • Supports DHCP/BOOTP for automatic acquisition of network address, name servers, and time server configuration.
  • NTP synchronization options: server, port, timeout, query/listen mode.
  • Configuration of networking parameters, time zone/daylight savings time.
  • WinDiscovery provides automatic discovery of NTP clocks attached to network without changing PC's networking configuration.
  • Configuration is saved to non-volatile memory to survive power loss.
  • Encrypted messages prevent tampering with clock configuration.

Included With Every Configuration:

  • MCR5000
  • AC Power Cord
  • Cat-5 Ethernet Cable
  • Instruction manual and NTD Network Device Discovery Program, both on CD

Shipping Information: package weights, sizes and codes