Bus-Level Timing PCIe Cards Keep Your Network In Sync

Masterclock manufactures a variety of precise timing PCIe cards to provide less than a millisecond synchronization accuracy for your server or PC. Our cards offer multiple input options such as from GPS, IRIG-B0 and IRIG-B1, SMPTE/EBU - or the card can generate its own time with a TCXO or OCXO oscillator.

PCIe Bus Level Timing

The PCIe-GPS card receives reference time from atomic clocks orbiting in GPS satellites. This greatly improves the accuracy of the PCIe card and your PC, and provides legally traceable time for your system. Each PCIe-GPS is thoroughly tested with an external antenna prior to shipment. 

The PCIe-TCR version references time from a time code generator, including SMPTE 24fps (Film), 25fps (EBU), 30fps NDF (Non-Drop Frame) and IRIG-B0 (unmodulated/pulse width modulated) and IRIG-B1 (amplitude modulated, 1kHz). When locked to a time code reference, the PC is synchronized to ± 2 milliseconds of the reference. 

The PCIe-OSC is a computer plug-in that provides very stable, accurate time and date information for a PC or server. After configuration, the card references time from an on-board oscillatore so your PC is synchronized to within 165 milliseconds per day (one minute per year) of the time set. 

Masterclock’s HSO (High Stability Oscillator) options provides precision time and frequency for a wide range of applications. Affordable price and flexible order options make this a popular add-on for meeting critical time keeping during holdover (loss of primary reference such as GPS or time code). It is ideal for specialized applications requiring a precise reference. The TCXO option maintains excellent holdover stability with drift less than ± 3 seconds/year. The OCXO option provides typical stability of ± 250ms/year.

We offer drivers for both Windows and Linux based systems. An API software development kit and documentation is provided.

All of Masterclock’s bus level timing cards are manufactured in St. Charles, MO and thoroughly tested prior to shipment. Software is included and each PCIe comes with a 5 year limited warranty. Contact us today to discuss your system timing needs.