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Bus Level PCI and PCIe CardsĀ 

  • Sub-millisecond Timing Accuracy
  • Open-source Development Tools
  • Ultra-precise flexible synchronization
    for PCI and PCIe card applications

Masterclock manufactures a variety of timing PCI and PCIe cards to provide millisecond synchronization accuracy for your network, server, or PC. Time and date information can be referenced from GPS satellites, a time code source (IRIG-B, SMPTE, EBU), or internally via an on-board crystal oscillator. Software is included. Masterclock offers a 5-year limited warranty for all of its time synchronization products.



The Masterclock PCIe-GPS card receives reference time from atomic clocks orbiting in GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites to provide the most accurate time and date information.

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The PCIe-TCR card references time code sources including IRIG-B0, IRIG-B1, SMPTE, EBU.

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The PCIe-OSC card provides stable, accurate time and date information for a Windows PC without reference from external sources.

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The TCR1000 is a universal voltage time code reader plug-in style card for both 3.3V and 5V PCI busses on IBM-PC compatible computer systems.

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