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Aerospace and Defense

Precise time and frequency sources are an essential component for acquiring, distributing, and utilizing telemetry data for aerospace applications. Communication systems rely on accurate timestamps for encoding, transmission, decoding, and authenticating messages and other types of data. Tracking assets require precise timestamps of what happened at what place and what time for both testing and deploying coordinated devices and systems. The evaluation of these systems through testing demand rigorous attention to data relying on consistent and precise timestamps for correlation. 

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Modern media systems rely on more precise and accurate timestamping than ever before. From acquisition through multiple sensory inputs (cameras, microphones, optical tracking systems) through aggregation and distribution of content – the entire media stream requires precise synchronization of all devices in the workflow. Combining legacy systems with modern technology means bridging the gap between older protocols and modern IP-based requirements and our portfolio provides these functions and more.

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Commercial Enterprise

The focus on data drives everything we do and the timestamping of that data drives better utilization. Distributed data centers and office environments need synchronization in different forms and tolerances and our products provide this range of functions for both informing office staff as well as office equipment and systems of accurate time. Our time servers provide in-house network references for a secure primary timing source and our displays provide accurate time and date information in both standard office environments and a range of harsh and more strenuous environments.

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Systems that rely on synchronous sequence-of-events demand accurate timestamping distributed to every node involved in the operation. Whether ingesting time into the system through one of our timing servers or providing kernel-level timestamping through PCI/PCIe cards to specific devices our systems can provide a solution. Modernizing critical automation systems require specific attention to detail around synchronizing legacy and novel implementations and equipment and our experts have extensive knowledge in the whole spectrum of time and frequency applications for automation systems.

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