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Masterclock Automation - Production Lines

Production Lines

Complex automation supporting production lines requires tight synchronization between production elements along the chain. Whether it’s adding elements to liquid solutions or ensuring traceability throughout the production process, timing is everything.

Masterclock Automation - Inspection Systems

Inspection Systems

High-speed inspection and monitoring systems utilize precise timing to ensure coherence between data received from distributed and disparate inspection methods. Combinations of camera systems, audio monitoring, and other data-collection techniques provide a diverse set of perspectives that require correlation for correct decision making.

Masterclock Automation - Plant Control Systems

Plant Control Systems

Centralized control systems and building management systems utilize a primary timing reference to ensure all activities occur with precision and traceability. Harmonious monitoring and arbitration of schedules and activities rely on precise timing for ensuring systems run as they should and when they should.

Masterclock Automation - Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

Global operations require global coordination and our display systems bring enterprise level synchronization into the boardroom.

Relevant Products


The GMR1000 is a compact time server that can sync to a variety of timing references and provide a range of outputs including NTP, IEEE1588v2 PTP, IRIG-B, SMPTE, 10Mhz, 1PPS and more.

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The GMR5000 is a master clock that can reference a variety of timing sources and provide a range of outputs including NTP, PTP, SMPTE, and IRIG-B.

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The MDN multi-functional digital display syncs to an internal or external NTP (Network Time Protocol) source for accurate, USNO legally traceable time.

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