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Masterclock Firmware Updates

The latest firmware updates for Masterclock devices are available for download below. Review the firmware update procedure before attempting to perform a firmware update. Contact support@masterclock.com for assistance.

Download the latest version of WinDiscovery (6.3) below to take advantage of any new features.

Units may also be shipped to the Masterclock Technical Support Department to perform a firmware update using our Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) procedure.

  • For all Grand Master Reference (GMR) – GMR1000 and GMR5000
  • All NTDS-A & TCDS-A, NTD200, TCD200 Displays
  • All NTDS Series clocks - NTDS24, NTDS26, NTDS29, NTDS44, NTDS46, NTDS84, NTDS86, NTDS4626, NTDS4626-3AL, NTDS8646 (includes all single face or dual face models)
  • NTP100 - contact technical support to determine if product can be updated in the field
  • All Countdown controllers – RC500, RC600, and RC1000
  • NTP100 Series, TCG100 Series (units purchased in 2013 and later with a USB port on the rear panel)
  • All MDN Series clocks

Download Firmware Update Procedures (.PDF)

Download Firmware 6.0.0

WinDiscovery is a Windows-based software for configuration of your Masterclock devices on an Ethernet network or via USB. A complete installer comes on the CD included with every product that can be controlled by the program.

Download WinDiscovery