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Masterclock Timing Systems

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GMR Series Masterclocks

The GMR1000 and GMR5000 are high-precision, multi-function master clocks that can act as an NTP server, PTP grandmaster, time code generator or frequency reference. When equipped with a GPS or GNSS receiver the GMR provides an accuracy ±15 ns to UTC. Base models include both NTP and SNTP client and server functionality compatible with IPv4/IPv6 networks and offer AES256 SSH encryption and MD5 authentication for secure communications.



NTP Time Servers

The Masterclock NTP100 family of NTP time servers provide accurate timing to networks and conform to NTPv2 (RFC 1119), NTPv3 (RFC 1306) and NTPv4 (RFC 5905). Each NTP100 device can operate on a local area network (LAN) or act as an enterprise-wide source for legally-traceable time and date distribution, depending upon your network configuration requirements. Masterclock NTP time servers are compatible with IPv4/IPv6 networks and offer AES256 SSH encryption, as well as MD5 authentication, for secure communications.

NTP Time Servers

NTP Time Servers

Dual Channel Production Timer

The RC1000 provides dual-channel count functionality supporting legacy and IP media workflows. A numeric keypad provides quick input alongside user-customizable preset options for configuring precise workflows.

Dual Channel Production Timer

Dual Channel Production Timer

PC Cards

Masterclock manufactures a variety of timing PCI and PCIe cards to provide millisecond synchronization accuracy for your network, server, or PC. Time and date information can be referenced from GPS satellites, a time code source (IRIG-B, SMPTE, EBU), or internally via an on-board crystal oscillator. Software is included. Masterclock offers a 5-year limited warranty for all of its time synchronization products.



Digital Display Clocks

Masterclock's synchronized digital time clocks are designed to provide accurate time referenced from a master clock, NTP server or time code source. We offer a wide variety of sizes and colors with multiple mounting options and can customize a system to fit your particular needs.



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Products by Function
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Provide a single point of sync for a variety of devices.

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Extend, convert, and amplify multiple time or frequency signals.

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Provide count functions and manual time manipulation.

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Digital and virtual time, date, count and other information displays.

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Knowledge CenterIndustry Insight to Scientific Editorials

With over 25 years in the timing industry, Masterclock has gathered its timekeeping expertise into one library of online literature. Find protocol and system definitions, scientific editorials from Dr. Demetrios Matsakis, the PTTI archive, and critical industry updates. Short on time? Just enjoy the latest Matsakis Minute.

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