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Commercial Enterprise

Masterclock Commercial Enterprise - Data Centers

Data Centers

Distributed computing capabilities within a data center environment require tight synchronization between devices to ensure coherence across functions and geographies. We've deployed our systems in everything from standard plug-and-play applications to GPS-denied environments to support data center synchronization requirements across a variety of industries



Synchronized automation supporting logistics and material handling requires tight timekeeping synchronization informative solutions to keep people who support the system in the loop as well. Our display systems ensure teams stay in sync with operations and expectations.

Masterclock Commercial Enterprise - Production


Our system can be deployed within environments requiring additional care and protection against both physical and liquid conditions.

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

Global operations require global coordination and our display systems bring enterprise level synchronization into the boardroom.

Relevant Products


The GMR1000 is a compact time server that can sync to a variety of timing references and provide a range of outputs including NTP, IEEE1588v2 PTP, IRIG-B, SMPTE, 10Mhz, 1PPS and more.

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The GMR5000 is a master clock that can reference a variety of timing sources and provide a range of outputs including NTP, PTP, SMPTE, and IRIG-B.

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The NTDS4626-3AL digital clock syncs to any NTP (Network Time Protocol) source for accurate traceable time. The unit configures to time zone and daylight savings time parameters and can be powered via PoE. WinDiscovery software is included.

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