12-inch (30 cm) CLKTCD Time Code Analog Clock

The CLKTCD series of analog clocks are display time from SMPTE, EBU and IRIG-B non-drop frame time codes.


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  • Accepts SMPTE, EBU and IRIG-B (modulated and unmodulated) 
  • -11.5 to +12 hour, Time Zone offsets in 30-minute increments
  • Fully configurable to Daylight Saving Time offsets
  • Microprocessor controlled stepper motor with sweeping second hand for quiet operation
  • Universal AC input voltage and frequency
  • Fully configurable via USB interface with supplied Windiscovery software
  • Standard chassis colors available in black or beige (off-white) powder coat
  • Available in either true 24-hour or 12/24-hour face
  • Front indicator light provides synchronization status
  • Optional face plate illumination
  • Customization available