The GMR1000 and GMR5000 are high-precision, multi-function reference generators that can operate on an Ethernet or time code network, or as a standalone master clock . When equipped with a GPS/GLONASS receiver the GMR provides an accuracy ±15 ns to UTC. Base models include both NTP client and server functionality compatible with IPv4/IPv6 networks and offer SSH encryption and MD5 authentication for secure communications. Properly configured and using standard NTP polling rates, our master clocks can support and synchronize thousands of simultaneous NTP clients. The GMR can also read NMEA and NENA messages to set system time, or time can be set manually and the device can generate NMEA, NENA or Truetime/Kinemetrics. 

Optional outputs include time code (SMPTE, IRIG-B, IRIG-A, IRIG-E), PPO (programmable pulse output), PPS (pulse-per-second), 10 MHz sine wave, and PTP (IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol). Holdover accuracy and stability is maintained with a high-stability TCXO oscillator that can be upgraded to an OCXO or Rubidium oscillator.