Statement of RoHS Compliance

All devices manufactured by Masterclock, Inc. are classified under Category 11, all other electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) not covered under the other categories, placed on the market before 22 July 2019. These products include GPS and Time Code Instrumentation, Time and Frequency Distribution, Precise Frequency References, Bus-Level Timing, and Time Displays. Category 11 of the RoHS Directive is exempt from compliance.

The RoHS Directive requires that the use of lead is to be phased out by the electronic industry and is to be substituted with alternative materials. Some lead-free components have already been integrated into Masterclock products, but reliable alternatives to lead-based solders, in particular, have proven difficult to find. The EU has recognized this issue and the RoHS Directive has included exemptions for a number of product categories. Masterclock will exercise the Industrial Monitoring and Control Instruments exemption until lead-free alternatives are identified that meet the performance requirements of its products.

Masterclock currently has an active effort underway to address the RoHS Directive. In some cases this will involve redesign of products with lead free components, in others it is a matter of substituting lead free components in existing designs. 

Products manufactured by Masterclock comply with the RoHS Directive, including the use of exemptions that specifically apply to the use of non-RoHS compliant materials or parts for repair or replacement, and reuse of equipment put on the market before 01 July 2006. Masterclock will continue to service non-RoHS compliant equipment and there will be no changes to existing Masterclock service agreements.

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