Synchronized Clock Systems for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

synchronized hospital clock system

In hospitals and medical care facilities, time is critical. Reports, charts and recorded procedures require consistent time entries to ensure accurate record keeping. With an accurate synchronized clock system hospitals can reduce time-based billing and insurance disputes, proactively minimizing risk.

Masterclock time systems provide a reliable, affordable and highly accurate solution for health care providers to keep departments and staff in sync.  Utilizing network time protocol (NTP) and power over Ethernet (PoE) technologies, Masterclock offers a synchronized solution for hospitals to ensure:

  • All facility departments and buildings are on the same exact time
  • Medical professionals administer medicines at correct times
  • Accurate time documentation and record-keeping
  • Consistent shift changes for hospital personnel 
  • Cost-effective installation and easy system expansion
  • Correct timing of Code Blue situations

Interested in a synchronized clock system for your hospital or medical facility? Request a quote and a qualified Masterclock representative will contact you as quickly as possible.