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Digital Clocks Keep Manufacturing Facilities in Sync

Synchronized time keeps your organization on-time, on-track, and on-budget while helping to ensure compliance with ever-increasing traceability regulations. Even if your clocks are fairly accurate and only lose or gain a minute or two, those minutes can turn into hundreds of thousands of minutes of lost productivity when they affect each employee. A synchronized clock system ensures that your company can meet its time commitments, avoid unnecessary waste, meet transportation deadlines, and streamline production. The benefits of synchronized time across all organizational departments include:

  • Coordinating shift changes and breaks for minimal lost time
  • Preventing delays due to slow completion of different stages of the manufacturing process
  • Fostering better time management and scheduling
  • Reducing maintenance needs during Daylight Saving Time changes
  • Providing a clear and traceable timeline for events as per regulatory requirements such as those for food and medical manufacturing
  • Reducing defects due to time inaccuracies
  • Tightening facility security, where even a few seconds could generate windows for security breaches

Manufacturing organizations face challenges of synchronizing time across multiple operations that are located throughout the world. Companies face just as many problems synchronizing time across a single facility. The safest and most practical solution is to synchronize all your clocks with a dedicated time server using NTP or SNTP behind a strong firewall. Masterclock digital clocks deliver the time on time and can be powered by Ethernet. Each clock comes with WinDiscovery configuration software and an astonishing range of features that include:

  • Durable metal cases with stainless steel or black finishes
  • Single or dual-face options
  • Choice of LED colors that include red, white, blue, amber, or green
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Optional anti-glare lens
  • Options to display time in 12- or 24-hour formats
  • Configurable Daylight Saving Time and time zone parameters
  • Can be powered over Ethernet
  • Various sizes and visibility that ranges up to 350 feet

Contact Masterclock today for further information about its respected line of NTDS digital clocks.

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