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In Memory of Bill Clark

Bill started Masterclock in the family garage after almost a decade of service in the US Air Force followed by a long and successful career in broadcasting. The company's first product provided synchronization signals for broadcast automation systems and launched the entity that now supports installations in over 100 countries and counting.

Achieving that growth meant hitting the road, and Bill's curiosity and adventurous spirit propelled Masterclock from a garage-based dream to an annual fixture at conferences and exhibitions all around the globe. His solution-driven approach and tolerance for iterative design and the temporary setbacks that naturally disrupt our best design intentions led us to the portfolio we manage today and the customer base who rely on us for these critical functions.

Many of our team members and customers worked with Bill and have fond memories of both the encouraging and inspiring words he spoke alongside his rigorous and often demanding focus. He would debate a point to no end but would only do so if he trusted in his heart that the conflict would lead to a greater outcome for the organization. His lifelong determination took him from being a high-school dropout to being a leader who provided not only for himself but for countless others whose families were raised on the back of his efforts.

While Bill may have passed, our hearts at Masterclock continue to tick along in sync with his philosophies, and his legacy continues to drive us to be our best.

Cheers to you Bill!

John Clark

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