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Introducing the New LUX26 Multi-Color Clock

Its 6-digit digital display also has adjustable brightness capabilities and an auto-dimming option for all the many varied color choices in its repertoire. A PM indicator is included, and time format can be displayed as 12- or 24-hours in hour, minute, and second segmentation - hh:mm:ss. Date can be displayed as three variations: mm:dd:yy, dd:mm:yy, or yy:mm:dd. Visibility for this model reaches out to 100 feet (30 meters).

The LUX26 includes Masterclock’s WinDiscovery software, which makes configuration of clocks simple and easy for anyone. Network settings are fully configurable. Password protection guards against any and all unauthorized clock configuration tampering, eliminating the worry of someone meddling with the preset time and date properties. In the event of sudden power outage or loss of reference, a battery-backed real-time clock (RTC) and maintenance-free rechargeable battery will retain the time and date, which is saved in a non-volatile memory, giving peace of mind that all configurations will remain unchanged. 

With the time code input option, the clock automatically detects and decodes IRIG-B, SMPTE 12M, 309M, 24/25/30fps, or 29.97 drop frame.

Power options include POE (Power over Ethernet) or AC. Mounting options include standard wall-mount, rack-mount (2U), adjustable tilt wall-mount, ceiling-mount and flush-mount for convenient, space-saving installation. 

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