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Masterclock at DATT Summit 2016

Keynote speakers included William H. Gerstenmaier, NASA Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations; Rob Vargo, Atlantic Test Ranges Director; and Philip Eberspeaker, NASA Sounding Rockets Program Office Chief. Paper presentation topics included: Low-Latency-Multi-Channel-Data-Acquisition, Telemetry Emulation to Exercise Decision-Making Software, Universal Beamforming Technology: Application and Tests, The Challenges of Data Acquisition in Harsh Remote Places, Wireless Data Acquisition in Flight Test Networks, ADC Jitter Measurement, PTP Profile for FTI, Development of a Dynamic 3D Telemetry Range-Doppler Map Visualization Tool, Testing GPS Susceptibility to Spoofing Attacks, Telemtry Applications of TENA, A Blind Adaptive Equalizer for SOQPSK : A Unique System to Combat Both Multi-path and Antenna Daisy Pattern, and Software Decommutation Implementations for End Users.

The 2016 DATT Summit truly exemplified itself as the East Coast Defense & Aerospace Test & Telemetry forum. Masterclock provided NTDS4626-3AL NTP clocks and RC600 count controllers for the keynote speeches and paper presentations.

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