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FAA Contract for Airport
Surveillance Radar Modernization

“System operators around the country are being asked to extend the lifespans of critical infrastructure beyond their original design considerations and capabilities. We're proud to have created a cost-effective and robust platform with the GMR1000 to meet these legacy and present needs,” said John Clark, President and CEO of Masterclock.

The modernization effort was initiated by the FAA in response to the obsolescence of legacy elements critical to system operations paired with the availability of commercial internet protocol (IP)-based equipment capable of providing equivalent functionality. Each GMR1000 will be equipped with on-board GPS reception capabilities for long-term steering and oven-compensated quartz crystal oscillators (OCXOs) to provide accurate holdover to mitigate disruptions to GPS availability while ensuring accurate timing signals continue to be delivered via Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to downstream dependent equipment during a disrupted RF environment.

Masterclock worked with the FAA to identify and implement a specific set of configuration parameters for the GMR1000 to optimize the integration of the device with the other sub-systems included in the modernization effort. The successful integration, evaluation, and value proposition led to a sole-source announcement for the Masterclock GMR1000 as the preferred solution for the project earlier this year.

Masterclock designs and manufactures precise timing systems for a variety of industries. Since 1994, our product portfolio of master clocks, time servers, count controllers, digital displays, analog clocks, and PC cards have been trusted in mission critical applications. Masterclock's time synchronization devices do everything from ensuring smooth programming transitions for broadcasting studios to helping astronauts with timely liftoffs. We maintain real-time awareness of the evolving landscape of technical requirements through participation in events put on by the Air Traffic Control Association, the Institute of Navigation, and the Defense Aerospace Test and Telemetry summit.

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