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Masterclock Launches Global Sales Organization

John Clark, Masterclock President & CEO said, "We believe this regional focus together with a new centralized CRM system and industry-leading products will ensure our customers have quick access to Masterclock's product information, services, and support. As local economies are re-engaging, understanding what customers need to get back to business quickly is a company imperative for us. Toward this end, during these challenging times we have continued to invest in our in our people, tools, and technology.

Mike Elam added, "I am pleased to work for a company that is forward looking in supporting its customer base and eager to work with domestic partners to help us expand our reach in the US.

Ben Cosstick said, "Working together as a global sales team is key to enabling our customers success, as we can provide quick access to subject matter experts to help them on-board new technology and, in turn, support their worldwide customer base.

Ramiro Benitez further went on to say, "Working with customers in their language allows us to connect more quickly and deliver effective solutions. I am excited to be a part of this team and literally translate many years of experience supporting Masterclock to the team!"

Masterclock designs and manufactures precise timing systems for a variety of industries. Since 1994, Masterclock's product portfolio of master clocks, time servers, count controllers, digital displays, analog clocks, and PC cards have been trusted in mission critical applications. Masterclock's time synchronization devices do everything from ensuring smooth programming transitions for broadcasting studios to helping astronauts with timely liftoffs. Masterclock maintains real-time awareness of the evolving landscape of technical requirements through participation in events put on by the Air Traffic Control Association, the Institute of Navigation, and the Defense Aerospace Test and Telemetry summit.

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