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Masterclock Proud to Sponsor Blind Luck Air Racing

Race participants are divided up into categories based on the type of aircraft flown, including the Biplane Class, Formula One Class, Sport Class, T-6 Class, Jet Class and Unlimited Class. The Sport Class highlights the new and innovative work in the development of high-performance kit-built aircraft, with competition in the class fierce due to the rapid introduction of race-driven engine and air-frame technology. Sport Class aircraft race on a 6.37-mile course at speeds reaching over 380 MPH.

During the 2016 National Championship Air Races’ Sport Race, Masterclock sponsored Louis Gabriel of Blind Luck Air Racing, who came in fourth place in the qualifying competition on September 16, and landed in seventh place in the Bronze Race on September 18.

Masterclock donated its NTDS4626-3AL NTP digital clocks and RC600 count controllers to the Sport Class hangars in Reno to display the time and the countdown to the next race. All of Masterclock’s NTDS digital clocks sync to any NTP source for accurate, traceable time, with each unit being configurable to time zone and daylight savings time parameters. The RC600 is a remote control that adds both count-down and count-up timer features to Masterclock’s NTDS and TCDS clocks. 

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