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Modular Time Zone Clocks

NTDS24-8AL in red/amber 

Each zone clock syncs to any NTP source for accurate traceable time and is powered by PoE for simplified wiring using Cat5 Ethernet cable. (Time code input and DC power optional.) Using quick-release din rail, installation is easy and adding additional time zones is simple. Features include:

  • 3 in (5.8 cm) 4- or 6-digit time display with 8-digit alphanumeric display
  • LED colors available in red, green, blue, amber or white* (*time line only)
  • Syncs to any NTP source for accurate traceable time (time code input optional)
  • Retains time and date during loss of power and/or reference using a battery backed real-time clock (RTC) chip and maintenance-free rechargeable battery
  • WinDiscovery software provides easy configuration of network devices
  • Display date or time in 12- or 24-hr format
  • 8-digit alpha line can be static or scroll up to 300 characters
  • 3 programmable messages
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Visibility: 100 feet (30 meters)

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