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Masterclock & Partners at ITM/PTTI 2020

This year, Masterclock's Chief Scientist Dr. Demetrios Matsakis will present his work on the application of well-tested theories for clock disciplining into more effective, scalable scenarios through the utilization of clocks, which we can expect to have unmodeled systematic and semi-systematic effects that disrupt mathematical assumptions about measurement variations and measurement noise. How do we adapt algorithms designed for hydrogen masers to derive improved effectiveness on much more affordable crystal and rubidium oscillators?

We've also been hard at work with another PTTI-presenter, Geodetics, Inc, combining our timing capabilities with their navigation expertise into a single solution. We're eager to watch the Geodetics team discuss how the combined solution maintains data integrity in GNSS-unavailable scenarios. Capabilities covered in this presentation are key to overcoming current challenges and mitigating concerns when it comes to assured PNT (position, navigation, and timing).

Our partner in Germany, Lange Electronics, will be presenting their KL-3400 ensemble implementation on how to combine multiple inputs to generate an even more precise output signal. We've got one of these devices in our lab here at Masterclock and have found the comparison capabilities of the input data has helped us speed up our oscillator drift-testing dramatically.

We'll be on hand at our booth during the event for more precise discussions for more information on the conference, see: https://www.ion.org/ptti/program.cfm

See you there!

John Clark

Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Controllers and “Real-world” ClocksDemetrios Matsakis, Masterclock, Inc

Resilient Sensor Management for Dismounted Assured-PNTShahram Moafipoor, Lydia Bock, Jeffrey A. Fayman, Geodetics Inc

Use of a Precise Ensemble Clock to Combine the Outputs of Frequency and Time Standards Getting an Even More Precise Output SignalWerner Lange, Lange-Electronic GmbH, Germany

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