RC1000 Up/Down Production Timer 

Available August 2018 

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Masterclock's newest product, the RC1000, is a dual-channel up/down production timer for production and control applications. This extremely versatile and functional device is essentially two counters in one. Counts are entered via a numeric keypad and a new count can be started during a current count or after it has stopped. It can be programmed with 20 channel presets or counts can calculated or entered during production. The six-digit dual display can show HH:MM:SS or MM:SS:FF. Each channel generates time code to sync production equipment or for displaying counts on our TCDS Series of digital clocks or any clock that accepts raw SMPTE/EBU.


  • 2 independent timing channels
  • Add or subtract time for quick calculations
  • 20 programmable presets
  • 6 count sequence chaining
  • 2 GPI inputs & 2 GPI outputs for external timing & control 
  • Generates SMPTE/EBU (30/25/24 fps ndf & 29.7 df) 
  • Locks to SMPTE/EBU, IRIG-B or internal reference
  • 6-digit display can show HH:MM:SS or MM:SS:FF 
  • Display brightness control