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Simple and Affordable: Hi-Res PTP Time Sync Over Ethernet

Achieve high-resolution time synchronization without expensive infrastructure changes. The GMR5000 Master Clock and the CyTime™ Sequence of Events Recorder utilize PTP IEEE1588 to greatly improve timing accuracy over an existing Ethernet network without the need for special PTP-aware equipment or additional wiring. The system provides the exact time of power system events, enabling root-cause analysis, identifying slow breakers and allowing operators to verify proper system operation. The PTP-enabled solution is simple, affordable and completely scalable, from a few devices to the largest installation. Now engineers can expect more from their investment in power monitoring and know what happened and when - to one millisecond - and without all the extra wires.

Stratum 1 PTP synchronization
 - Accurate timing reference to within ±15 ns of UTC using 24-channel GPS/GLONASS receiver

Holdover stability in case of GPS signal loss
 - Internal high-stability OCXO oscillator provides accuracy of ±0.25 seconds/year

Time-critical information for root-cause analysis (1 ms)
 - Time-stamped records of events—up to 8192 events stored in non-volatile memory

Reliable event recording
 - Isolated digital inputs with user-configurable filter, debounce and chatter functions

Command relays over the network (model SER-2408)
 - Open/close relay outputs remotely over an Ethernet network using Modbus TCP

Advanced troubleshooting
 - High-speed trigger output to capture waveforms by a compatible power meter

Operations counters
 - Counts each input/output transition, with date/time of last reset

Simple setup using a web browser—no proprietary software
 - Embedded web server hosts user-friendly pages for setup and monitoring

Easy system integration
 - Integrate with multiple systems via Ethernet, Modbus TCP, and web technologies

EPSS generator test-compliance reports enabled
 - 16 data logs: when any group member changes state, all members’ states are recorded

For more information about how to achieve high-resolution time synchronization for power monitoring in hospitals, data centers, substations, and other systems, request a quote today

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