Leap Second Configuration via Telnet and SSH

To enable a leap second flag for the 2016 leap second via Telnet or SSH:

  • Enter command > leapsecond on positive 12/31/2016
    • Command > leapsecond will confirm the leap second is enabled

> Leap Second is enabled

Insertion time and date for a positive leap second:

23:59:59 UTC time, on 12/31/2016

Leap Second Configuration via WinDiscovery Configuration Software

Note: You must have WinDiscovery v4.4.0 or later to configure the leap second.  Download the latest version here.

  • Open the Device Settings window for the device you are configuring.
  • Click on Administration Functions box.
  • Click on Leap Second Date.
  • Check the Enable Leap Second box, enter the leap second date (12/31/2016), and select whether the leap second is positive or negative (positive).
  • Click Ok.
  • Save the configuration changed in the Device Settings window.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming leap second or need any assistance, contact Masterclock Support.