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TCS100 Time Code Switcher

Masterclock's TCS100 Time Code Switcher
  • Accepts SMPTE / EBU or IRIG-B (modulated and unmodulated TC)
  • Front panel switches allow manual selection of source A or B or automatic mode.
  • "Good" - "Fail" indication and selection status of each TC source and the changeover unit is shown with front panel LEDs.
  • An auxiliary A/B source can be switched along with the TC. This auxiliary switching is a relay contact and can be used to switch any low level control or signal source.
  • Internal alarms sound (can be disabled with jumpers) upon loss or failure of a source of TC or switcher unit.
  • Status and other system information is provided via a simplex (one-way) RS-232, 9600 BAUD

TCS-100 Time Code Switcher

The TCS100 is a time code changeover unit designed to provide automatic or manual switching between two time code sources. The unit decodes both sources of incoming time code, compares availability and quality of both sources to an internal standard, and makes logical decisions concerning time code status for automatic switchover.

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TCS100 Front

TCS100 Back

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SpecificationsTCS-100 Time Code Switcher

  • TC inputs: isolated BNC: unbalanced
  • TC output: isolated BNC: unbalanced
  • Auxiliary switching via DB-9
  • External alarm via DB-9
  • DC Input

  • DC input (9-28 VDC)
  • External wall mount supplied via 2.1mm power connector, UL & CE listed
  • Power consumption: <6 watts
  • Supplied with US, Euro-plug, British or AUS/NZ (Others optionally available)

  • Temperature: 0 to +60°C
  • Humidity: Up to 90%, non-condensing

  • Size: 4.2w x 1.5h x 5.5d in (10.6w x 3.8h x 14 cm)
  • Weight: 16 oz (454 g)

  • Cover: Eggshell white aluminum
  • Front/rear panel: Burnished aluminum

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