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NTP100-GPS Stratum 1 NTP Time Server

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NTP100-GPS NTP Server
  • Provides legally-traceable UTC time
  • NTP output accuracy of ± 2 ms
  • Synchronized to atomic clocks in GPS satellites for Stratum 1 accuracy
  • Typical holdover stability of ± 1 min/year using high precision internal TCXO during GPS loss
  • High-stability option with OCXO provides typical stability of ± 250 ms/year
  • Time stamp precision of 5-10 ms
  • NTP query (unicast), multicast, or broadcast modes
  • Assignable network configuration
  • Configuration via Telnet/SSH or included WinDiscovery
  • IPv4/IPv6 compatible
  • MD5 authentication

NTP100-GPS: Stratum 1 NTP Time Server

The NTP100-GPS is an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server that synchronizes to GPS satellites and distributes NTP reference signals via Ethernet. When synchronized to the atomic clocks in GPS and GLONASS satellites, the long term accuracy of the device is the same as the atomic clock of the GNSS.

An internal TCXO (temperature-compensated crystal oscillator) provides holdover stability of ± 1 min/year during GPS signals loss. An optional OCXO (oven-controlled crystal oscillator) increases holdover stability to ± 250ms/year.

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NTP100-GPS Front

NTP100-GPS Back

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SpecificationsNTP100-GPS Time Server

  • When synchronized to atomic clocks in GPS satellites the long term accuracy of the NTP100 is the same as the atomic clock of the GPS
  • After initial synchronization and (if) upon loss of GPS signal the NTP100 will revert to an internal temperature compensated crystal oscillator and typically maintain accuracy of <165 ms per day

  • DC input (9-28 VDC)
  • Power consumption: <7.5W
  • Includes an external 24 VDC wall-mount power supply with locking DC plug, UL & CE listed

  • RJ45 ─ 10/100 MB
  • DC input ─ 2.1 mm male jack
  • Antenna ─ SMA
  • RS-232 ─ 9 pin male
  • USB ─ for configuration via WinDiscovery

  • NTP unicast, multicast, or broadcast mode
  • NTP v2 (RFC 1119) Support
  • NTP v3 (RFC 1306) Support
  • NTP v4 (RFC 5905) Support
  • DHCPv4, DHCPv6 for automatic acquisition of network address, name servers, and timeserver configuration
  • Telnet/SSH communication
  • IPv4/IPv6 compatible
  • SNMP with custom MIB

  • 6.44 x 4.06 x 1.44 in (16.35 x 10.32 x 3.65 cm)
  • 16 oz (453.6 g)

  • Housing: black aluminum
  • Front/Rear panel: clear anodized aluminum

  • Temperature: 0 to 60°C
  •    Humidity: Up to 90% (non-condensing)

  • CE Marked - Available for sale in EU
  • FCC, Part 15, Class B, emissions

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