Digital Clocks Keep Manufacturing Facilities in Sync

Synchronized time keeps your organization on-time, on-track and on-budget while helping to ensure compliance with ever-increasing traceability regulations. Even if your clocks are fairly accurate and only lose or gain a minute or two, those minutes can turn into hundreds of thousands of minutes of lost productivity when they affect each employee. A synchronized clock system ensures that your company can meet its time commitments, avoid unnecessary waste, meet transportation deadlines and streamline production. 

GMR1000 Master Clock Solution

Masterclock's newest master clock server, the GMR5000 can support and synchronize hundreds of thousands of NTP devices on a local area network (LAN) to act as an enterprise-wide source for traceable, accurate time and date distribution. It offers Secure-Socket-Host encryption and MD5 authentication to make communications secure.  It can reference GPS, GLONASS, IRIG-B, or maintain its own time with a high-stability oscillator. The holdover stability of the standard TCXO is plus or minus three seconds per year when the timing reference is lost. This can be increased to plus or minus 250 milliseconds per year with the optional OCXO.  to learn how our precise timing products can help your organization's efficiency and productivity.

GMR Master Clock GPS NTP Network