Time Code

IRIG-B Time Code Generators

The IRIG-B time code protocol is used in military, government, power industry, and many other commercial and industrial application to ensure precise time synchronization. Time information is pulse-width coded in either a BCD or binary format.  Masterclock manufactures several devices that can generate IRIG-B time code. 

Introducing the New LUX26 Multi-Color Clock

Masterclock’s new 6-digit multi-color digital clock, the LUX26, includes an array of state-of-the-art features that outperform other digital clocks on the market. The 2.3-in (5.8 cm) kaleidoscopic LED display can be configured to any unlimited number of custom colors. It can also sync to a Network Time Protocol (NTP), Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP), or time code* (*optional) source for accurate time, as well as be configured to any time zone offset or Daylight Saving Time parameters. Never miss out on a DST change again!