Facility Timing Systems
Rio De Janeiro , Brazil

Estadio De Maracana


The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil brought tremendous opportunity for Brazil to showcase their love and dedication to the sport and massive construction projects were needed to properly prepare the country for the influx of people and attention. Organizers aimed to identify, create, and evolve efficiencies wherever possible to ensure the focus would stay on the games. Handling the millions of visitors pouring through the various facilities was a key element of ensuring that people enjoyed their time and various tactics were utilized to keep these flows as smooth as possible.

stadium clock estadio de maracan

Masterclock, working with local distributor Metrum, deployed 78 of our NTDS86 digital displays throughout the facility and utilized the existing network wiring to tie the displays into the rest of the facility network. The displays were configured to remain synchronized to our MCR5000 which was receiving time from the GPS constellation and distributing that accurate time across the network to our displays and various other systems. By ensuring that the facility systems and the staff, visitors, and players were all in sync, Masterclock helped the FIFA World Cup keep the focus on the games and the spirit of the tournament.