SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol

Please contact Masterclock Support to ensure your device will support Masterclock's custom management information base (MIB) for SNMP. Device firmware must be Version  3.3.4 or later. Versions 1 and 2 of SNMP are supported.

You must run the Masterclock MIB on a PC via a MIB browser. If you do not have a MIB browser, software is available from and for Windows-based systems, or from for Linux-based systems.

Information available via SNMP through the  Masterclock MIB includes:

  • Time reference in use and its status
  • NTP timestamp and precision
  • GPS health and position
  • The status of every possible reference
  • Model, serial number and firmware version
  • How many network interfaces a device has, and their speeds
  • How many packets have been transmitted or received
  • How many communication errors have occurred
  • How long the device has been running
  • IP address and network mask of the device